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Exeter: More Missing Pieces – and Threats of Violence?

Phil Groom writes:

Discovered two rather interesting posts yesterday, excerpts below. Click through the titles to read the complete posts. From employment by ‘genuinely lovely people’ to unemployment after learning of threats of violence towards former staff members in just ten days. Is this a record? And was this a one-off or has anyone else been subjected to, witnessed or otherwise encountered threats of violence by the Brewers?

A word to the wise: when considering a new job, run a Google search on your prospective employers first; you may save yourself a lot of grief…

31/10/2007: Wherein Indiana_George Gains Employment… 

Having been unsuccessful in a number of job applicaitons lately, I have been employed by the genuinely lovely people at the Christian Bookshop on the cathedral green. 

Good god it’s unorganized though!

The lady who was supposed to be training me, only started yesterday, and the girl who trained her, quit after three days. 

The other have all been there less that a month. I’m not kidding. No one knows how to use the computer system, except for fairly basic stuff, but no one is bothered because they’re getting new software in a week or two anyway, and everyone will be trained then…

9/11/2007: In Which Indiana_George is Sad

It was nice while it lasted. 

Lovely job, bad bad bad situation. 

Remember previously, I said that everyone had been there less than a month, and that the whole place was badly organized but that it didn’t bother me?

Well, there was a whole lot of stuff that none of us had realised but that actually turned out to be rather important. 

Fistly, it all starts with this.

Which none of us had known when we were all hired. This I found out when one of the previous employees came into the shop briefly to see if the previous manager (actually one of the owners of the whole thing) was still there, to inform him, and by the way us, that the police were now investigating after they were threatened with violence by the owners after trying to get the pay they was owed, but hadn’t been given (along with the rest of the staff, hence the walk out)…


Rescuing Britain’s Christian Heritage: Saint Stephen the Great Charitable Trust lead by J Mark Brewer

Just a little reminder of what they said when they started …