Update List for Staff Members

Matt Wardman writes:

From time to time we are asked to put out information for ex-(or current) bookshop staff wh0 cannot be contacted easily. Most recently this was an attempt to contact people with SPCK pension who are out of contact.

We are thinking about setting up an email list for current and ex-staff who wish to receive news from the group.

If you are interested, please leave a comment below using your correct email address, and if there is sufficient interest we set up a list.

This would be an informational list separate from our continuing attempts to scrutinise the Messrs Brewer and their innovative business models.


26 responses to “Update List for Staff Members

  1. Simply to clarify, we’re not asking you to leave your email address in a comment: simply to use it when leaving a comment. Thank you.

  2. Oops. Yep. Clarifying my fog, as ever.

  3. Any fog, blame the Brewers: they are the fogmeisters. You, Matt, are more akin to a foglight, breaking through…

  4. Yes I would like to be informed of any news. Thank you.

  5. Thanks Lucy.

  6. Forgot to say Lucy thanks for following this all the way through.

  7. count me in please.

  8. Me too
    Many thanks

  9. You have my email address anyway Matt/Phil. And if I can contact anyone else let me know.

  10. Invitations to the list have now been sent to all those who have left comments above…

  11. you also have my email as well – please put me on!

  12. Please include me. Thanks

  13. Please add me to the list as well

  14. I’m not sure that I should be added to the list but I’m just touched to know that all the above still care.

  15. Please include me to the list . Thankyou

  16. Yes please include me. so good to know you’re there & care.

  17. All added; you should receive an email invitation to the group. You’ll need to hit the link in the email to activate your membership; nothing will happen otherwise…

  18. Was only a casual for 4 yrs or so, so no pension etc, and you have my details anyway.

  19. would like to be included even though like mousey I was only part time for 9 years, I still feel for all those still trying to get things right! As far as I know, my pension, which is very small, is o.k.as it was with SPCK and wasn’t carried on for the last two years when ssg took over.

  20. >it was with SPCK and wasn’t carried on for the last two years when ssg took over.

    Might be worth you asking them about how fully funded the Pension Fund is. A deficit was sorted out in 2005(?) when it switched from Defined Benefits to Defined Contributions, but with the current stock market problems it may be worth a check.

    Should say – as you make clear – that this would be a “O heck we may need some more money from SPCK to cover the gap” thing not a “the Brewer Boys ran away with our contributions” thing.

  21. Thanks Matt . The last information I got –all seemed to be in place. Fortunately I am not depending on that particular source of income as I have a pension from another source and another life before SPCK! I just feel for all those who don’t I want to show my support

  22. Valiant for Truth

    At present the Pensions Board are not giving final quotes for the Defined Benefits Schme.

  23. Keep me up to date, even though, I have been paid, I am still interested in whats going on, and still supporting them, and I can go off on one if needed

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  25. If anybody knows Thomas Mckeown from Exeter SPCK, please ask him to email me about a returned amazon order, thanks Ewald Schroder

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