Still in the Dark over Pensions

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Phil Groom writes:

We’ve been raising questions about Pensions for some time now, but still seem to be largely whistling in the dark. The most recent discussions have been in the comments thread on Matt Wardman’s article, Durham Cathedral Shop Finances and questionable Saint Stephen the Great payments

Previous posts include:

Now, however, following a recent enquiry from a concerned former bookshop employee, Usdaw’s Legal Department have commented that they “are also having difficulty getting information out of the Church of England Pension Board.”

The problem, Usdaw say, appears to be that whilst the Brewers have paid some contributions, they have failed to provide the information needed about the staff that were in the pension scheme. Missing details include such things as the dates when people left SSG, which makes it difficult for the Pensions Board to work out what contributions should have been paid and correlate this with what has been paid. This seems to tie in with the Pension Board’s recently noted requests for copies of some workers’ payslips.

The situation is exacerbated, of course, by the Brewers ongoing failure to respond to enquiries. Usdaw have provided the Pensions Board with as much information as possible about Usdaw members but any non-Usdaw members who were in the pension scheme would be wise to contact the Pensions Board themselves.

Meanwhile, I’m sure Usdaw would love to hear from anyone who can help them fill in the gaps in their information.

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One response to “Still in the Dark over Pensions

  1. Valiant for Truth

    Please everyone do get in touch with USDAW, whether you are/were an USDAW member, and/or the Pensions Board as your pensions may be at risk. It will also help support the many people who were making additional voluntary contributions and may have had these stolen by the Brewers.

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