Daily Archives: December 6, 2008

Now we Are Sick: A Poem by Mousey

Mousey writes:

SSG was not a good firm.
It has its little ways.
Suppliers vetoed stocking it
for seasons, months and days.

Now, early in December,
with few books upon the shelf,
the cheerless Durham shop feels grim
and sorry for itself.

And, O Father Christmas
if you love them at all,
please send them hope and peace
and freedom from this thrall!

SSG is not a good firm,
if U.S. Courts speak fair.
Though Mark B must study ethics
he won’t lay his conscience bare.

May the people who’ve lost pensions,
all those owed (both great and small)
soon gain some hope and strength again;
be free of Brewers all.

And O Father Christmas,
aka Orthodox Saint Nick,
bring us some joy this Christmas.
At the moment WE ARE SICK!