Durham Cathedral Shop: The Story That Won’t Go Away!

Phil Groom writes:

It just keeps on growing:

  1. Storm rages over cathedral shop: Northern Echo, 28/11/2008
  2. Row breaks out over ownership of cathedral bookshop: Durham Times, 28/11/2008
  3. Critics want cathedral bookshop ‘saved’: Durham Advertiser, 05/12/2008

Where next? Watch this space…

If you haven’t signed the petition, please do read it and, if you share the concerns raised, please sign it.

If you have signed it, please spread the word: a good place to start would be to share this page on facebook.

For more background on this story, please see our dedicated Durham petition page.

Thank you.

10 responses to “Durham Cathedral Shop: The Story That Won’t Go Away!

  1. It looks like the pressure is now on!!!

  2. Pauline, its about time. Durham Advertiser is distributed to a lot of homes free,and Durham people are so proud of there Cathedral, they will not like what is on the front page.

  3. I notice the petition is still growing – 328 signatures at 8am. I just hope that people don’t judge the Cathedral along with the shop.

  4. David, they don’t judge the Cathedral along with the shop.Durham people are angry at what the Brewers are doing to there shop.

  5. Valiant for Truth

    The Dean & Chapter recently had a comendable exercise during Prisoners Week to relate the Cathedral Community to the life and work of the inmates and staff of the prisons of Durham. Has it not occured to them that the staff of the shop are also prisoners needing pastoral care? The staff need their jobs to pay their bills, especially at this time of the credit crunch and rising unemployment making the option of finding a new job so very much harder. The staff have also not left because of their loyalty to the Cathedral and all it stands for, despite being treated so very badly, including having lost their pensions – their hope for the future. Occasional kind words and a “promise” of things to come are not enough after two years of pain and suffering. IMMEDIATE action is needed to break the chains of imprisonment by the Brewers. A prison is not just loss of freedom behind walls and fences. It can be loss of freedom of peace of mind and the ability to do the job you want to do.

  6. Well said, VfT!

    The fact is that as long as these parasites (for the avoidance of doubt, I mean Philip and Mark Brewer) are allowed to continue feeding off of the Cathedral’s revenue stream, then it does reflect badly upon the Cathedral. That’s the nub of the problem.


    SSG was not a good firm.
    It has its little ways.
    Suppliers vetoed stocking it
    for seasons, months and days.

    Now, early in December,
    with few books upon the shelf,
    the cheerless Durham shop feels grim
    and sorry for itself.

    And, O Father Christmas
    if you love them at all,
    please send them hope and peace
    and freedom from this thrall!

    SSG is not a good firm,
    if U.S. Courts speak fair.
    Though Mark B must study ethics
    he won`t lay his conscience bare.

    May the people who`ve lost pensions,
    all those owed (both great and small)
    soon gain some hope and strength again;
    be free of Brewers all.

    And O Father Christmas,
    aka Orthodox Saint Nick,
    bring us some joy this Christmas.
    At the moment WE ARE SICK!

  8. Mousey, thank you: I’m going to upgrade that to a post in its own right. Watch this space…

  9. Valiant for Truth

    Today’s Evensong reading from the BCP lectionary whichwill be read this evening at Durham Cathedral’s splendid Choral Evensong – “Come now you rich people, weep and wail for the miseries that are coming to you. Your riches have rotted, and your clothes are moth-eaten. Your gold and silver have rusted, and their rust will be evidence against you, and it will eat your flesh like fire. You have laid up treasure for the last days. Listen! The wages of the labourers who mowed your fields, which you kept back by fraud, cry out, and the cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord of hosts.” James 5 v1-4.

  10. VfT I have found both your comments on this thread extremely moving. Imagine the stress of that bookshop staff having to play “piggy in the middle”. They know that when the Brewers fired Carole Burrows the Dean & Chapter remained silent and implied that it was an issue between her and her employers . They also know that she is a parishioner of the Cathedral – so where does that leave them?

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