Charity Commission Replies: Formal Inquiry In Progress

Phil Groom writes:

Following on from Matt Wardman’s note yesterday that the Charity Commission have launched an inquiry, this is the the full text of their response to my enquiry:

Charity Commission Direct
PO Box 1227, Liverpool L69 3UG

t: 020 7674 2492
f: 020 7674 2301
Your Ref:       
Our Ref:          WTF 1119839/685451 C & S Ldn
Date:               13 November 2008

Dear Mr Groom

St Stephen the Great Charitable Trust (the Trust) and St Stephen the Great (The Company) (1119839)

Thank you for your email dated the 27 October about the above charities. I confirm  that concerns have already been raised with the Commission relating to governance and internal financial controls at the Trust and the Company.
We have therefore contacted the trustees to clarify the situation with regard to some of the points raised. On the basis both of the initial concerns raised with the Commission and of the information provided by the charity in response, on 26 September 2008 we opened a formal inquiry under section 8 of the Charities Act 1993.
Because this inquiry remains open and ongoing I will not be in a position to go into further detail at this time, but we would normally look to make a report available once the inquiry was concluded.
Nevertheless, I have noted your concerns but would like to mention that some of these fall outside the remit of the Commission.

Any concerns regarding gift aid should be referred to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs which is the organisation with the necessary expertise to deal with such matters. Furthermore, the Commission cannot get involved in employment matters.

I hope the above is clear.

Yours sincerely

William Thomas Fahey

Section 8 of the Charities Act 1993 legislates for the Commissioner’s Information Powers: General power to institute inquiries.

David Keen has also received a reply to his enquiry: watch his blog for details…

10 responses to “Charity Commission Replies: Formal Inquiry In Progress

  1. just posted, along with a couple of things which still puzzle me….

  2. Looks like you’ve been time-travelling too, David…

  3. yes, I wanted to schedule it for tomorrow, hit ‘publish’ by mistake, and then though if I changed the date it woud delay it. Wrong.

    Maybe if the Brewers knew they were up against a Time Lord….

  4. On asingleblog I do state that one of the cartoons looks like the alien-pig from a Dr Who episode. And I have suggested with other time and date issues on this blog that we need to call The Doctor – so now we have proof that they are up against a Time Lord.

    Now then Dave, whats wrong with your TARDIS so you can’t go back and stop this nightmare from happening?;-)

  5. we’re between series, and I can’t give anything away until the Christmas special. Though if they don’t give me the part then my vote’s on Andy Serkis, he’d be a cracking Doctor.

  6. Valiant for Truth

    If the Charities Commission remove SSG’s charitable status, what happens re council tax relief on their two churches, as it would appear neither of them were properly consecrated as Orthodox churches, and their C of E status of consecration will have surely lapsed.

  7. Good point VFT.

    David – you disappoint me. Surely you could have come up with something about the Great Time War being time locked and therefore trying to go back and change things would create a temporal paradox which may open the Earth to being invaded by the Cybermen (or similar). But to say that we are between series…… especially as from the teaser during Children in Need we saw the other Doctor’s sonic screw driver – and is it my imagination or does it actually look like a proper screwdriver?

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