Mr Randy Williams, Trustee in Bankruptcy

Matt Wardman writes:

Following on from the dismissal of the attempt to place “St Stephen the Great LLC” into bankruptcy in Texas, I want to put on the record the debt of gratitude that all of the members of the SPCK staff and suppliers who stood to suffer by that attempt owe to Mr Randy Williams of the South Texas Bankruptcy Court.

I’d also add to that the acknowledgement of everyone who has been involved in this campaign of scrutiny of the management of the SPCK Bookshop Chain by the Society of Saint Stephen the Great.

We are grateful for his professionalism and diligence in pursuing “due process” in this case.



5 responses to “Mr Randy Williams, Trustee in Bankruptcy

  1. Hear, hear! Well said, Matt — wholeheartedly seconded!

  2. Can this post be e-mailed to him? He might not read this blog. Following his action a few small suppliers have hired debt collectors.

  3. I’ll be emailing his Secretary later.


  4. Thanks Matt. I would like to do the same. Address?

  5. >I would like to do the same. Address?

    I got it from the public profile page here:


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