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Mr Randy Williams, Trustee in Bankruptcy

Matt Wardman writes:

Following on from the dismissal of the attempt to place “St Stephen the Great LLC” into bankruptcy in Texas, I want to put on the record the debt of gratitude that all of the members of the SPCK staff and suppliers who stood to suffer by that attempt owe to Mr Randy Williams of the South Texas Bankruptcy Court.

I’d also add to that the acknowledgement of everyone who has been involved in this campaign of scrutiny of the management of the SPCK Bookshop Chain by the Society of Saint Stephen the Great.

We are grateful for his professionalism and diligence in pursuing “due process” in this case.


Comparing Maps

Phil Groom writes:

Here’s how it was:

Former SPCK Bookshops, map rescued by Open Debate Not Libel Threats

Former SPCK Bookshops, map preserved by Dave Walker, rescued by Open Debate Not Libel Threats

Here’s what’s left, according to Third Space Books:

SSG Bookshops according to Third Space Books, Screenshot taken 12th Nov 2008

SSG Bookshops according to Third Space Books, Screenshot taken 12th Nov 2008

Anyone who has been following the situation will immediately note that this isn’t an accurate picture: Birmingham and Exeter are both now closed, whilst Leic[h!]ester (not on Dave’s map) is independent and Truro is reported to be independent, although there has been speculation that it’s actually a franchise. I believe Newcastle and Sheffield are also closed. This is the list featured alongside the map, again as at 12th November 2008: 

  • Bradford
  • Canterbury
  • Chester
  • Chichester
  • Durham
  • Hereford
  • Manningham
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • Poole
  • Salisbury
  • Truro
  • Winchester
  • Worchester [sic]
  • York

The Manningham shop, which isn’t identified on the map, appears to be in a church acquired by SSG in Bradford.

I’m told that when asked about the Exeter shop recently, Philip Brewer said that they no longer have it but he couldn’t remember who they sold it to…