Being Creative



Phil Groom writes:

1. Congratulations and thanks to Matt Wardman on creating this rather splendid SPCK/SSG widget: go grab yourself a live copy from widgetbox to keep your blog up to date with the latest headlines!

2. Congratulations to Pauline Edwards who decided to make a karaoke video. Scroll down and enjoy.

3. Last but not least, of course, congratulations to Mark and Philip Brewer for the inspiration. What can I say to you, gentlemen, that hasn’t already been said? We will, of course, be delighted to Cease and Desist when you:

  1. Pay your workers
  2. Pay your suppliers
  3. Withdraw your threats

Until then, however, all together now with our Pauline:

28 responses to “Being Creative

  1. Phelim McIntyre

    Much more true to life than the Brewer’s own efforts on Youtube. Well done Pauline – I needed a good laugh.

  2. i feel a bafta for pauline is not out if the question…

  3. Phelim McIntyre

    Actually I think an OSCAR would be more appropriate. Let’s get this out round the blogs and groups so we can get it as widely watch as possible.

  4. Have blogged, one, two three… singalong!

  5. Well done our Pauline. Proud of you. I’m going to leave it on my blog as well – will take me some time while I figure how to do it. Haven’t had a look at YouTube. Would be great if it appears alongside Mark Brewers video – I refuse to name it.

  6. i can’t find Mark Brewer’s video now- can anyone provide a link?

  7. I hate doing this Matt. You owe me big time. Go to Youtube and search for “Rescuing Britain’s Christian Heritage”

  8. cheers. owe you a couple i think. have got the popcorn and drink, settling down for the movie…

  9. Matt blog your thoughts about the movie.

  10. That really has to be taken down that movie, as it now has incorrect info about contacts details esp. spckonline. Will blog about it soon.

  11. So you’ve thrown up over your keyboard then?

  12. never got to eat the popcorn- was suddenly unable to swallow!

  13. It is appalling, isn’t it? But it certainly shouldn’t be taken down: it’s yet more evidence of the Brewers’ twisted perspective. Well worth looking through all the comments too.

    If you hadn’t realised, it’s the reason I gave the Durham petition that title…

  14. I think it should be downloaded first and then taken down, as its essentially linking ssg and spck still.

  15. Well, I was feeling a bit ill with a virus, but this has certainly cheered me up. We should nominate Pauline for an award!

  16. The Brewer epic was discredited before it aired – they had already lost the rights to the SPCK name.

    Do you think they’ve gone quiet at the moment because they’re too busy campaigning for McCain?

    Or have they gone quiet out of fear that Obama is going to be the next president?

  17. I suspect they’ve gone silent because they know that anything they say will be taken down and used in evidence against them…

  18. Pax – either Phil G is right or they are looking round the internet for more morality tales to try and support their actions with.

  19. Valiant for Truth

    It was on Friday 20 October 2006 that Shop Managers gathered in London to be told the news of the takeover by St Stephen the Great and to meet Mark Brewer for the first time. Two years of horror. Wouldn’t it be nice if on 20 October 2008 we all learnt that we were to be free again, and able to rise like a phoenix as has happened in Norwich, Cardiff, Leicester. Come on Durham and Chichester especially as it’s in your hands.

  20. I’m quite keen on material staying up as historical record, as long as it is tagged as such. Far too many political bloggers delete their thoughts.

    I think I have the movie downloaded since it came out, but it can be got from


  21. You can also find it on Thirdspace as well as on the SSGCT web.

  22. I have blogged on MB’s youtube offering- would welcome the thoughts of my fellow film critics! [you should be able to comment on my blog now]

  23. I was going to post a few of my favourite Brewer rants from Youtube comments but I didn’t want Everybody’s Nightmare to Continue.

  24. Another classis ENC pun

  25. The pun wasn’t mine. It first appeared on Cartoonchurch. I left a comment on your blog.

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  27. Pauline Edwards

    Had 201 hits on the rip off karaoke song, hope the Brewers have had a sing song too.

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