Daily Archives: October 12, 2008

Cease and Desist: Dave Walker faces a Facebook Block

I have been blocked from making facebook notes

Dave Walker: I have been blocked from making facebook notes

Phil Groom writes:

Strange but true: facebook have issued their version of a C&D against Dave Walker. Apparently he posted too many notes. “How many notes?” you ask. Seven. Er, yes: seven, as in 7, as in rhymes with 11 but is 4 less…

“Gosh,” you say, “what was he doing? Was he on speed to post so many notes in rapid succession?”

Actually, it took him an entire month. 30 ÷ 7 = 4.29. On average, one note every four and a quarter days, although he did post two (yes, two: truly shocking!) on October 1st. And that, it seems, was too fast for facebook…

This time, thank heaven, Dave hasn’t simply deleted everything he’s ever said about facebook and nor has he deleted his facebook profile. But if you share my sense of bemusement about what the facebook admins are playing at, I suggest you head on over there and:

  1. If you’re not already in it, join the We Support Dave Walker group
  2. Show Dave some facebook love by writing on his wall
  3. Write a song about it
  4. Send facebook some feedback asking them to remove Dave’s block

But please be polite about it: remember that facebook, like WordPress, is a free service. Aggressive reactions are likely to be counter-productive. For my own part, my message to facebook is, “C’mon guys, please: get up to speed!

Maybe the Brewers have taken over facebook the way they thought they’d taken over Amazon? Will facebook block me for stirring things up? Watch this space…