American Werewolves in Durham

Brewer Bestiary by Mousey

Brewer Bestiary by Mousey

Phil Groom writes:

Top marks to mousey over at asingleblog for this superb sketch of the situation in Durham: a picture really does paint a thousand words.

Sadly, the more that emerges of the Brewers’ misdemeanours and mistreatment of their staff, the more monstrous they appear, to the point where it’s not only the UK’s Orthodox community disowning them but also their fellow Americans, and in no uncertain terms. Just a few days ago Anne from Atelier Beads commented

… the Brewers meet the most classic, textbook standards for the “Ugly American” that I have seen in a long, long time. And I refer to the book by that name published a generation ago. I am absolutely mortified by their tactics and their methods… They’re an embarrassment to their country…

Anne has expanded on this in her own blog, Injustice for All: More on the Brewer SSG Saga:

Apparently it’s OK for the Brewers to go to a far country and completely forget about—totally ignore—precepts we live by (and that many have died for) in our own country. When you look at these blog comments and combine them with the proliferation of Brewer-originated “Cease-and-Desist” notices, it looks as though three of our bedrock principles of liberty—freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press—are simply being ignored. Or worse, trampled underfoot.  Apparently, in their zeal, they haven’t just flown in the face of U.S. bankruptcy laws. They also don’t have much regard for the Constitution or for the civil rights of the individual. If they did, they’d observe those laws as a matter of principle with every human being in every part of the world—not just here where the consequences of being caught can be unpleasant.

Werewolves indeed. David Keen sums things up superbly:

What you whisper in secret will be shouted from the rooftops. Not because of malice, but because what has been done to Dave, and to SPCK staff, is a grave injustice, and until it is righted we will continue to shout.

If you, like me, would like to see these American werewolves driven out of Durham Cathedral, please — if you haven’t already done so — send them a silver bullet by adding your name to this petition — and ask your friends to do the same. Even better, once you’ve signed it, please print out the page with your name on and send it with a personal letter of support to either the Dean or the Chapter Clerk: contact details on the Cathedral website.

10 responses to “American Werewolves in Durham

  1. that’s a top quality cartoon alright.

  2. We’ll do it with cats, we’ll do it with mice, we’ll do it with song, whatever it takes.

  3. Now c’mon, asingleblog, that could’ve been a song:

    We’ll do it with cats,
    we’ll do it with mice,
    we’ll do it with bats,
    we’ll never think twice —
    whatever it takes
    to expose all the lies,
    the blusters and fakes,
    the silly disguise —
    it’s all coming out now,
    all over the world,
    there’s nowhere to hide now:
    let truth be unfurled!

  4. Phil, can’t do better than that!

  5. Phil G demonstrating his creative side there- nice to see. You’re a poet and you just don’t know it!

  6. Valiant for Truth

    Mousey is a pretty good poet as well as an artist so can we expect a poem, Mousey?

  7. A Round of Mew-sic

    You are bad guys, playing at good guys,
    Brewers, it`s time to think –
    shop-working folks were harmed by your hoax.
    Now, Brewers, you`re on the brink.
    You need someone older and wiser, telling you what to do.
    There`s St Francis, who could tame wolvsies. We wish he`d take care of you.
    Cats in choir dresses, with out of tune mewings.
    Some legal eagle to suss out your doings.
    Mice swung from ass-tails
    watch Lord of the Rings.
    These are a few of our precious-est things.

    Front-page of Church Times showed mice. Have you seen `em?
    They could sort werewolves with zilch brains between `em.
    May Bloggpuss clobber you; Purr-Titian sing!
    And the cartoonists crown Dave Walker King . .

    Goodbye, so-long, auf wiedersehn, goodnight
    This Brewer-beast is not a pretty sight!
    Tum-tiddle-tiddle, diddle dee,
    Brewers you`re all at sea.
    The sun has headed west – and so should you-oo
    before you meet the silver-bullet crew-oo
    They`ll fight…
    all right!

  8. Valiant for Truth

    Great! As expected, Mousey! Need to keep our spirits up as we all play the waiting game.

  9. OK, so with abject apologies to my husband, who had to listen to me play the song four times; to everyone who has to read it; and above all to Warren Zevon:

    I saw a lawyer with “Books in Print” in his hand, walking the streets of old Durham Town
    He was looking for a place called “SPCK Books,” Gonna buy it and bring it down
    Ah-ooh! Werewolves of Durham

    If you hear him speechifying at your cathedral door, better not let him in.
    Three or four people got desisted late last night.
    Werewolves of Durham again
    Ah-ooh! Werewolves of Durham.

    He’s the sweetly talking gent who ran amok in Kent, and several other English locations
    Better stay away from him, He might not pay you, Jim.
    I wish he’d take a permanent vacation.
    Ah-ooh! Werewolves of Durham.

    I haven’t seen him walking with the Queen, she’s probably too smart for that.
    I haven’t seen his brother walking with the Queen. She’d probably ask him what happened to the tax.
    I haven’t seen him drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic’s
    But his accounting is perfect.
    Ah-ooh! Werewolves of Durham.
    Draw blood

  10. Hope you enjoyed all that Phil Groom!

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