J Mark Brewer, I salute you again – but still briefly

Phil Groom writes:

Yes, still briefly, but nonetheless, as I said last timecredit where it’s due: this time, at long last, to Pauline Edwards. In her own words:

A great big THANK YOU to Phil Groom, Asingleblog, and everybody else who has stood by me. The one good thing that has come out of this is, this is not just a blog, it has become like a family, and I am still standing by everyone else, who are still waiting for there wages. A big THANK YOU to this blog, without this blog, I never would of known of what was going on. Mr Brewer, I am a women of my word, and I will let Acas know I have been paid, and will drop the case. Mr Brewer can you pay all my fellow brothers and sisters as well?

I’d love to offer you a longer lasting sign of respect, Mark, but as Pauline herself points out there’s the question of all her “fellow brothers and sisters as well”. Phelim McIntyre poses much the same question:

Hurray! A small victory but a victory at least. Now what about all the other employees owed wages/holiday pay and goodness knows whatever else financially? What about all the suppliers owed money? What about the landlords who are owed rent? What about other bodies owed money? Any chance of Mr Brewer paying them?

Your call, Mark. Your opportunity to salvage something of your reputation and, perhaps, the reputation of Brewer and Pritchard, PC, which you’ve been taking down with you…

I’ve said this before but I think it bears repeating: there are three main things I’m looking for out of this fiasco:

  1. Payment for your workers
  2. Payment for your suppliers
  3. Withdrawal of your threats of legal action against Dave Walker, myself and the various other people to whom you’ve sent ‘Cease and Desist’ messages

Another thing I’d like to see, of course, would be for you to recognise that you and your brother, Philip, simply don’t have the appropriate business acumen or people skills to manage a chain of Christian Bookshops. Once you acknowledge that, the way is clear to start giving (yes, giving) the remaining shops and stock to people who do have the expertise needed.

And let’s face it, running a chain of Christian Bookshops was never really what you wanted, was it? You wanted to establish a series of outposts for your Orthodox mission movement: the bookshops and their staff never actually had a chance, did they?

Do me a favour, please, Mark: face up to the truth and make me redundant. Make this blog redundant. Make the poverty of your workers and suppliers history.

Finally, for now, a special note of appreciation and thanks to ‘a concerned party’ for letting us know that Pauline’s payment was on the way despite the trauma and nightmare of facing Hurricane Ike. May all who read this spare a moment to think of and/or pray for all those affected by that tragedy.

5 responses to “J Mark Brewer, I salute you again – but still briefly

  1. Firstly, thank you for my wages Mr Brewer.
    Lets look at this situation logically, wouldn’t it be better for everyone, if you paid them now? you have lost your court case in America, so you know you have got to pay everyone , if you keep dragging it out, you will have to pay u,k. court costs,as well, on top of paying everyone. You have got no chance of winning your court case over here, so why not just pay them now, and end this once and for all.

  2. Valiant for Truth

    And please communicate with the Church of England Pensions Board about staff pension contributions and particularly AVC payments as these came from the personal income of staff and should not be “mislaid”.

  3. Valiant for Truth, those AVC’s were stolen. I’m not involved in this one, just a concerned observer. I don’t think that the CofE Pensions Board come out of this in shinning armour either.

    I want to say you Pauline, “well done girl for getting your wages and well done for asking Mr Brewer to pay your brothers and sisters.” I have to add that the Brewers will drag this one out. Some of us who are affected by the Tribunals know that they have employed a barrister to defend the Charitable Trust. Are they paying the barrister out of their own pockets? No, they are probably just going to move money around. Much like buying a plane, leaving it in a hangar and then charging the charity for the fees.

  4. Glad to hear your news Pauline!
    Lets hope the Brewer Bros will also pay out all which is legally owed to employees , publishers , suppliers etc…
    an apology would also be nice……………

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