Meeting September 10th – setting an agenda

Next Wednesday there is a meeting being held in London. Details of time and where are here

What we need now though are two things: firstly I need to know you are coming. It is open to exSPCK/SSG staff (and current staff if you are willing to come) and those in the publishing/bookselling world. Other interested people can come but let me know please at

Secondly we need to get an agenda together. A lot has happened in the months since this meeting was called. The death of Steve Jeynes. The pension chaos. The petition concerning the Durham shop. The bankrupty case being thrown out. Shops opening in Cardiff and soon to open in Norwich and elsewhere. In all this how can we support each other beyond the blogs? How can we support those who want to start a bookshop to replace the old SPCK/SSG one? How can we provide emotional support for each other? How can we continue to make sure that something rises from the mass destruction caused by the Brewers? Again please let me know what you want discussed. The email to use is the same as above



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  1. Hope this meeting goes really well. Where possible we should try to find ways of re-establishing Christian Bookshops where they are viable. That’s stating the obvious, as is my wont. Maybe Unicorn Tree Books will be a fount of knowledge. I think the question of supporting each other besides blogging is crucial. If I were running a bookshop and I wasn’t sure of what I was doing I would want a phone number handy. Just one of the things the Brewers tried (and failed) to stop – people calling each other.

    Anybody seen September’s Christian Marketplace? As per usual it has an article on SSG. I think the Brewers must hate this British Bookshop scene.

  2. Just to say that in response to asingle saying about Unicorn Tree Books being ‘a fount of knowledge’ – well that’s unlikely! (lol) but I am happy to help anyone out and lend the benefit of my dubious knowledge to anyone starting out, thinking of it or already doing it but wanting to share insights, supports or just moans!
    Just email me or contact me – contact details can be found on my website or you can make contact through comments etc on my blog

  3. I think the Brewers are secretly in love with us, actually: they enjoy the pain or something.

    Looking around I’ve been amazed by our resilience: at least seven new shops have risen or are rising from the ashes and I’m sure there’ll be more.

    Anyone wanting to attend this meeting who needs help with travel costs — give me a shout, OK? There’s £155 sitting in the Save the SPCK Booksellers Fund waiting for whoever needs it…

    And anyone involved in setting up a new shop, again, give me a shout if you’d like your shop featured in the UKCBD Blog and/or included in the Directory: use the Bookshop Registration Form to send in your shop’s details.

    I’m kinda busy so it may take me a few days to add your entry but it will be done. There may be no such thing as a free lunch but free web listings are another story: make the most of them.

  4. Thanks a lot Mr Mark Brewer, my plane has gone and I am still hear. You had every opportunity to put things right, stupid me thought you were trying to put things right, you had my bank details and how much you owed me, and you wonder why people turn against you? well here is one reason why.

  5. Even though I’ve called this meeting I would prefer that it didn’t have to happen. But Pauline’s post explains why we are doing this and going on with the meetings. Until Pauline and others are paid, until we have resolution on all aspects of this issue we will carry on.

    Plans are being developed for get togethers in Cambridge (or the environs), the North, and the South West.

  6. Richard Greatrex

    Wish I could make it on the 10th but unfortunately I can’t. I hope you have a fruitful discussion and the sooner you get a date for a south west gathering the better!

  7. Richard – where would the best city be for a South West gathering? What shops would it cover?

    Also, to those up north – where would the best city be for a gathering to take place?

  8. Richard Greatrex

    Phelim – Salisbury would cover Winchester, Chichester, Salisbury (of course), Bristol and Exeter.

    Bristol would cover Bristol, Exeter, possibly Truro, Salisbury, Winchester, Cardiff, Worcester and perhaps Hereford and Birmingham. Bath would be as good.

  9. Salisbury would enable us to hire a room at Sarum college, just to give them a nudge….

  10. I won’t be able to be here, but please do post the minutes so everyone knows whats going on.
    Also do you have an agenda as yet? as some might be waiting on that before they make their final decision as to whether they can make the time to go etc.

  11. Will post the minutes or at least a report. As to agenda I have been holding on what could have happened, including finding out more about the bankruptcy, before finalising anything. As things appear to have gone quiet as to news will put together a draft agenda and post later. Much is what is in the announcement of the meeting that started this thread.

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  13. Here is an agenda – subject to change.

    Welcome and Bible Reading
    Apologies for Absence
    Why we are gathered (what has been happening)
    Update of situation concerning bankruptcy and tribunials
    Success stories – shops that are reopenning (inc UTB, Norwich, Cardiff and others) or thinking of re-openning
    Other success stories (the two Raymonds)
    How can we help as 1) Publishers and 2) Booksellers
    How can we support people outside of the blogs – regional meetings.
    Any Other Business
    Next Meetings

  14. Agenda has already been updated to include pension situation.

  15. Apologies, but i can’t attend the meeting on wednesday due to transport difficulties. A south west gathering would be great though. I live near salisbury and worked at salisbury spck/ssg so that would be my no.1 location but any place will do!

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