Shame and Disgrace: St Stephen the Great, Cambridge

I was in Cambridge yesterday, 26 August 2008. This is what I found: this is what J Mark Brewer and Philip Brewer have left behind for the residents of that city:

Empty Shelves and a Shop To Let Notice

Cambridge, 26 August 2008: Empty Shelves and a Shop To Let Notice

Pile of rubbish seen through the window

Cambridge, 26 August 2008: Pile of rubbish seen through the window

A fine legacy indeed. Thank you, Messrs Brewer, for taking such good care of the shops SPCK entrusted to you. Thank you, gentlemen, for tidying up the garbage you left behind.

What, I wonder, did you do with the stock? Transfer it to the ENC Management Company, perhaps? Or to one of your other companies? Was it paid for? Was it your property?

Please do tell us.

Thank you.

9 responses to “Shame and Disgrace: St Stephen the Great, Cambridge

  1. Richard Greatrex

    I could have sent you almost identical pictures of the Bristol shop. Same mess, same disregard for all the fittings and for several months books fading in the windows. It has gone back to being a clothes shop now. And that was dead opposite Wesley Owen. It broke my heart every day to walk past it.

  2. Yep same goes for Lincoln – actaully if I have time tomorrow I will go and take a pic for you all!
    There is actaully a very nice and pricy limited edition print in the window along with the orthodox books with curling covers etc. Guess the front windows were oversights.
    However if only I could get in there as there is some fantastic shop fittings left that I would have loved! Ahh well.

  3. Looking at this picture reminds me of a very special person who says that the Brewers can “turn your head into a shed”.

  4. Asingleblog, that very special person also has some other names which are unprintable.Looking at the picture makes me so angry.Thankyou Phil Groom and all others who continue to support this ongoing saga, hopefully we can soon finish the final chapter.

  5. Thank you. I too would like it to be soon, but I suspect this may be a long-haul flight… at least, I hope it is, for Messrs Brewer et al… one way, please gentlemen, one way!!

  6. Greg the Explorer

    Having followed the upheaval from over here in Australia my heart goes out to al of you that have been hurt by the SPCK saga. It is truly a sad sad day when business faillings ruin what was a great thing. blessing and peace


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