Motion to Dismiss: August 28th 2008?

Thanks to Colin Alsbury for this observation:

At I note that the Honorable Marvin Isgur of UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT Southern District of Texas will be hearing Motion to Dismiss in respect of the case of St Stephen the Great LLC at 11.00am on 8/28/2008 … we watch with interest!

Since these things are “subject to change at any time”, figured we’d better have a screenshot for posterity:

Hearings Calendar for The Honorable Marvin Isgur, 8/28/2008

US Bankruptcy Court, Southern District Of Texas: Hearings Calendar for The Honorable Marvin Isgur, 8/28/2008

Now let’s hope and pray it gets the dismissal it deserves and is sent back to the UK for proper consideration… (can’t help thinking there’s an irony there somewhere: I want the bankruptcy case returned to the UK — I want the guys who called for it back in the USA… but preferably after they’ve faced British justice).

– Phil Groom

7 responses to “Motion to Dismiss: August 28th 2008?

  1. David Ormondroyd

    Phil G
    did you ever find out what hapened in the gap between this dismisal case and it apearing to disapear when you e-mailed Randy wiliams?

    apolgises if im been dence and its obvious sutpid question

  2. Not a dumb question at all, David, no worries. I never received any acknowledgement from Mr Williams, so can only guess it just got delayed for some reason.

    When Clem Jackson (Christian Marketplace) enquired back on August 11th he was simply told, “The docket does not show any hearing on August 4th, and the motion to dismiss has not been ruled on as a today.” — reported here. We watch and wait…

  3. we never got any acknowledgement from Randy Williams either to our email. It seems UK Creditors are not worth keeping informed!

  4. It’s possible, isn’t it, that Mr. Williams may be permitted only to communicate with the Court which appointed him.

  5. Possible, I guess, with respect to anything substantive, but surely a simple acknowledgement of an enquiry would be common courtesy?

  6. For anyone who hasn’t spotted it: Case Dismissed! Superb analysis from Unity (Ministry of Truth) here: Dismissed with Prejudice.

  7. I had an email from the Case Manager this afternoon (3:12pm GMT), but I had specifically requested one:

    “‘The case was dismissed with prejudice at the hearing. No order was entered.’”

    I think that Randy Williams will not have sent anything out yet.

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