Creditor of the Week?

Over the next month or so — perhaps longer — we hope to start each week by shining a spotlight on the cases of some of those owed money by Messrs Brewer & Co’s St Stephen the Great Bookshops. Then, at the end of the week — the following Friday — we’ll report back on what response, if any, has been forthcoming.

If you are amongst the many affected by this ongoing crisis and you’d like to see your case highlighted here, please either leave a note in the comments for this post or send me, Phil Groom, a private message via the Contact Phil page.

If you’re a current or former employee owed wages or with unpaid pension contributions, please include your name, the branch you work(ed) at, the amount owed and date due, and describe something of the impact non-payment has had or is having upon your life. If your case is being pursued by Usdaw or another agency on your behalf, it may be wise to seek their advice before going public here.

If you’re a supplier with unpaid invoices, please include your company name, details of the outstanding payment — amount owing, date due and goods supplied — and a comment about the impact non-payment has had upon your business. Again, if your case is being pursued by another agency on your behalf,  it may be wise to check with them before going public here.

We know that J Mark Brewer and/or his representatives are reading this and related blogs and we’ve already seen his response to two cases highlighted here. Let’s let him know, publicly, exactly what the impact of this situation is having on people’s lives and livelihoods — and give him the opportunity to begin to make amends.

A Personal Note for J Mark Brewer
Mark: there’s a simple solution if you’d prefer us not to do this — pay your workers and pay your suppliers. Tell us as you do so and then, rather than highlight your failures, we’ll highlight the good you’re doing instead. Your choice, sir: thank you.


2 responses to “Creditor of the Week?

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  2. Pauline Edwards

    I worked at the Birmingham branch. My partner and I were to get married on the 30th August, we had to cancel it, but we did keep our honeymoon, which we are supposed to go on 4th September, owing to my partner being on a low wage it don’t look like that is going to happen either, PLEASE Mark Brewer can I have my wages, so at least, we can still go on our honeymoon, its payed for, but we don’t have any spending money to live off. PLease let something go right for us this year, can I PLEASE have my wages.

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