Better than a Cartoon? Private Eye!


Private Eye Issue No. 1216, p.25

Private Eye Issue No. 1216, p.25

Congratulations to the Revd Sam Norton who has just made it into the Halls of True Infamy, featured on p.25 of the latest issue (No. 1216) of Private Eye.


But the genuine infamy must surely be reserved for Mr J Mark Brewer — as the article succinctly summarises:

bloggers … have been checking out the US bankruptcy filings, which may explain why SSG can afford to pay the lawyers. The “disclosure of compensation of attorney for debtor” shows that for legal services rendered in connection with the bankruptcy case, SSG is to pay $75,000 to lawyer J. Mark Brewer, who also happens to be… chairman and CEO of SSG!

Mark, old chap, you’ve accused me of bringing your name into disrepute… but you don’t really need any help to do that, do you?

Are you going to use that $75,000 to pay your workers’ outstanding wages and pensions?

We’d love to hear from you, Mark. There’s now a Contact Phil link at the top of every page here, so please don’t be shy; but please note that standard site Terms of Use still apply to all communications…

PS: Anyone from Private Eye reading? Would love you to enter the Cartoon Competition: we promise to publish!


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