Pensions and PAYE

Once again we are indebted to asingleblog, who raised this issue last night:

After looking at the court documents a number of questions were raised about pensions and PAYE. Someone I know, it wasn’t me, rang the CofE Pensions Board and was most frustrated. He was extensively questioned and was surprised that he was the first person to contact them. He is still not clear whether his employer contribution and his “own contribution” has been paid into the fund. If others are worried about their SPCK pensions please ring 020 7898 1800 and ask for Peter Dickinson.

My friend should not be the only one to ring the Pension Board.

This morning, Raymond replied:

Asingleblog, thanks for flagging this. Your friend is not the only person making enquiries. I spoke to HMRC on Monday and they were helpful. The advice re: tax and NI is for people to write in to the PAYE office shown on their tax coding letter with theit NI number and tax code, explain the situation (I reported the attempted “bankruptcy” and the link to MinistryofTruth’s excellent blog for the documents) and ask them to investigate. The lady I spoke to was apologetic- the process is not quick- but they will put an investigator on the case. Do the same with the Pensions Board- write in with your pension reference, explain the situation and ask them to investigate. You may not get personal info by phoning.

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  2. Raymond, The CofE Pensions Board were alerted to the ministryoftruth blog (thanks Unity). They said that they would be writing to all those involved.

    About PAYE and NI – same friend says that if the PAYE office is the same as Pay Station, his is blank.

    Moorepay pays current employees. A call to them revealed that when it comes to taxes and pensions, all they do is advise the employer how much they should pay to HMRC and the CofE Pensions Board.

    Past and present staff need to take some action now. Should the Brewers pull the plug on their new companies, staff will need to know exactly what is owed to them even before they go to the union.

  3. Dave has a lot of friends and supporters in the U.S., and this story is being followed here. Would you mind clarifying for us what the acronyms refer to? Well, “pensions” are pretty obvious. Is this money withheld from the employee’s pay and paid to the government for taxes, insurance, and so forth? Just curious–it’s a grave matter here when those monies aren’t remitted to the government.

  4. Asingleblog, The lady I spoke to at HMRC confirmed the address to write to as:

    HM Revenue & Customs
    Bristol and N. Somerset Area
    Ground Floor
    Norfolk House
    Temple Street
    Bristol BS1 6FY

  5. Anne – good to know about Dave’s USA friends 🙂

    HMRC: Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs
    NHS: National Health Service
    NI: National Insurance – pays for basic state pension and NHS
    PAYE: Pay As You Earn (how HMRC collect employee’s taxes)

    Shout if you need any more…

  6. Anne, SPCK paid into a private pension fund for its booksellers. Booksellers had the option of “topping up” those pensions from their salaries. Many did. The Brewer’s promised to keep up the employer contributions. Those who topped up had the top up taken from their salaries. Seems that their “top ups” and their employer’s contribution has gone AWOL. To use a British expression that I’m sure you know well, “we was robbed”.

    PAYE (Pay As You Earn) is the tax the employer pays to the government. This has a direct bearing on your State Pension (as distinct from the CofE pension) you can only get out what you have paid in once you have retired. So if your employer has not paid your tax you lose on your state pension. That’s how I understand it but I might be wrong. NI is a national tax which is for the national health service. I apologise if you know all this already.

    I have tried to contact the Houston Press in the USA but because I have a hotmail address, my e-mail might have gone straight into their spam box. If you can do some sleuthing and supply a name and address it would be of great help. The Brewer’s need to be exposed here but they also need to be exposed in their home city.

  7. Phil, thanks. We are out here, though there may not be as many of us, and we’re just as outraged. Maybe in a different way, since these folks are p*ss poor ambassadors.

    You and Asingleblog have confirmed what I was thinking all along about the taxes and other government payments. Coincidentally there is an item on CNN today. Failing to remit money withheld for employee payroll taxes has apparently become one of America’s new favorite indoor corporate sports, and some $58 billion is owed. Here the employees are viewed as victims and are not required to cough up the missing dough for their taxes and Social Security. Sleazy games with pension funds are another time-honored tradition here.

    Asingleblog, I’ll do my best to find a contact for you. The Press is what we might call Houston’s “weekly alternative” newspaper. (That is, everybody probably reads it but only the young and rebellious will own up to it.) 🙂 We have a fine one here in Baltimore called the City Paper. The more “mainstream” Houston paper is The Chronicle, located at I’ll try to track somebody down there as well.

    I’m trying to locate the name of the reporter who reported back in 2000/2001 for The Press on those doings. There might be a chance s/he’s still on the staff.

    I’ll write back.

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