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Elizaphanian’s “Cease & Desist” from Mark Brewer

Dave Walker isn’t the only one who’s been harassed by Mark Brewer. But I think we all knew that anyway…

After seeking legal advice, Sam Norton (Elizaphanian) has now posted the full text of his correspondence with Mr Brewer here: My correspondence with J Mark Brewer

Pipped to the post again. Sigh. Do go read it…

Update: Mark Brewer has responded to Sam with an emphatic denial that Dave’s situation is anything to do with him:

Mr. Walker is in no way a victim of anything done or not done, said or not said by me. I have no idea what you are on about in saying such a thing. I cannot fathom your judgmental presumptiveness in telling me to apologize to him.

(Mark Brewer’s emphasis)

Sam’s courage and forthrightness in going public has — not surprisingly! — attracted plenty of attention from readers here in the UK and in the USA: here’s his comments page; again, do go read it…

Update 31/07/2008: Sam Norton Solidarity Posts

Pensions and PAYE

Once again we are indebted to asingleblog, who raised this issue last night:

After looking at the court documents a number of questions were raised about pensions and PAYE. Someone I know, it wasn’t me, rang the CofE Pensions Board and was most frustrated. He was extensively questioned and was surprised that he was the first person to contact them. He is still not clear whether his employer contribution and his “own contribution” has been paid into the fund. If others are worried about their SPCK pensions please ring 020 7898 1800 and ask for Peter Dickinson.

My friend should not be the only one to ring the Pension Board.

This morning, Raymond replied:

Asingleblog, thanks for flagging this. Your friend is not the only person making enquiries. I spoke to HMRC on Monday and they were helpful. The advice re: tax and NI is for people to write in to the PAYE office shown on their tax coding letter with theit NI number and tax code, explain the situation (I reported the attempted “bankruptcy” and the link to MinistryofTruth’s excellent blog for the documents) and ask them to investigate. The lady I spoke to was apologetic- the process is not quick- but they will put an investigator on the case. Do the same with the Pensions Board- write in with your pension reference, explain the situation and ask them to investigate. You may not get personal info by phoning.