Electronic Bankruptcy Notice for St Stephen the Great LLC, Case No. 08-33689-H1-7

asingleblog posted the following summary of this document as a comment back on July 22nd:

Most creditors will have received this but I’m posting a summary on this site just in case.

Basically there has been a Chapter 7 Trustee’s motion to dismiss SSG’S file for liquidation. Randy W. Williams has based his case for dismissal on these points (again a summary):

– There are a number of inconsistencies in the filing and a number of practical factors that favor dismissal of this case. The inconsistencies are that the Debtor’s legal name is not St Stephens the Great LLC.

– There is no St Stephens the Great LLC or a dba for anyone to operate under that name. The legal name of the entity alleged to be the Debtor in this case is St Stephens the Great, which is the same name as a registered in the United Kingdom. And while there do appear to be two separate St Stephens the Great entities, the information provided to the Trustee is that the taxpayer identification number given for the Debtor is the same number for the registered charity.

– The petition states that the Debtor is not for profit entity under the Internal Revenue Code, but the Debtor has no Internal Revenue Service Employee Identification Number.

It then goes on to argue the case of SSG operating in England and Wales and the practical considerations of creditors attending hearings in America.

Wish I could scan the whole thing but I can’t.

The entire document can now be downloaded here: electronic-bankruptcy-notice-ssg.pdf — as the filename indicates, it’s a pdf so you’ll need a pdf reader to open it. At just under 752kb it’s a fairly hefty file: if you’re on dial-up you’re in for a bit of a wait…

7 responses to “Electronic Bankruptcy Notice for St Stephen the Great LLC, Case No. 08-33689-H1-7

  1. Boko Fittleworth

    Forgive the completely flippant comment but it seems to me that Randy Williams would be a good name for the current Arch Bishop’s nemesis.

  2. Hi Boko — I’ll let you off this time, but please see this page before posting any further comments:
    Important: Please Read



  3. After looking at the court documents a number of questions were raised about pensions and PAYE. Someone I know, it wasn’t me, rang the CofE Pensions Board and was most frustrated. He was extensively questioned and was surprised that he was the first person to contact them. He is still not clear whether his employer contribution and his “own contribution” has been paid into the fund. If others are worried about their SPCK pensions please ring 02078981800 and ask for Peter Dickinson.

    My friend should not be the only one to ring the Pension Board.

  4. Asingleblog, thanks for flagging this. Your friend is not the only person making enquiries. I spoke to HMRC on Monday and they were helpful. The advice re: tax and NI is for people to write in to the PAYE office shown on their tax coding letter with theit NI number and tax code,
    explain the situation (I reported the attempted “bankruptcy” and the link to MinistryofTruth’s excellent blog for the documents) and ask them to investigate. The lady I spoke to was apologetic- the process is not quick- but they will put an investigator on the case. Do the same with the Pensions Board- write in with your pension reference, explain the situation and ask them to investigate. You may not get personal info by phoning.

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