Comments on Moderation

As Phil Groom is on holiday he has asked me to look after the site (I am an officer so have some rights). In the light of the threats made to Dave Walker by the Brewers I have set all comments to moderation. As yet I have not heard from Phil where to go with the blog so am being as careful as I can. As this is not my blog I can not morally remove posts but will check them all out.

Other blogs exists but unless I have permission I will not be posting them here, I will email them out to people who want to know – but beware I need proof of who you are. Also I have set this post for no comments as this may not be the best place to discuss. Sorry about the tighter security but I need to be careful for Phil’s sake.


EDIT – the comments below are pingbacks and will take you to Wardman’s Wire where you can see what he is up to concerning this issue. Ot go to spckwatch on live journal.