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Employment Tribunals Notice Posted

In the matter of complaints of unfair dismissal, and redundancy payment, notice period

Direction of the President: In the matter of complaints of unfair dismissal, and redundancy payment, notice period

By Order of His Hon. Judge Meeran, President, details of a number of pending employment tribunals have been posted on the Employment Tribunals website. The notice, in MS Word format, is dated 20 June 2008 although I (Phil Groom writing) only stumbled across it myself this week; not sure when it was actually posted.

Google have helpfully translated it into HTML format so you don’t need Word to read it, or there’s a pdf version here: take your pick.

Interestingly the document lists the respondents as

  1. St Stephen the Great Limited Co
  2. St Stephen the Great Charitable Trust
  3. ENC Management Company

which perhaps suggests that if setting up the ENC Management Company was some sort of attempt by the Brewers to duck out of their employer’s responsibilities under their earlier SSG guises, then it’s an attempt that has failed. H H Judge Meeran, it seems, is not that easily outwitted, even by clever Texan lawyers…

The notice orders specifically that:

  1. The claims in the attached schedule, and any additional claims in England & Wales identified as raising the same or similar issues, be subject to an Order for combined proceedings under Rule 10 of Schedule 1 to the Employment Tribunals (Constitution and Rules of Procedure) Regulations 2004.
  2. And it is further Ordered that these claims be transferred to the Bury St Edmunds office of the London East region, for the Regional Employment Judge to give directions for the consideration and expeditious disposal of the claims.
  3. A copy of this Direction be sent to ACAS and to all known interested parties, and be published on the Tribunals Service website at http://www.tribunals.gov.uk.

So here it is, as directed, available to all interested parties. Here’s wishing the claimants every success!