Joy Jeynes: Please continue to pray for God’s work in Worcester

Joy Jeynes, Stephen Jeyne’s widow, has written to thank us for our prayers and asks us to continue to pray for God’s work in Worcester:

Thank you so much for all your prayers and concern for Stephen. We have been following Dave Walker’s SPCK/SSG blog for some time now, but I never thought I would be reading about my own husband in this way. Steve saw his work at the bookshop more than just a job, and he had huge compassion for ordinary people. He longed to see a Christian Centre in Worcester and he persevered with the Brewers, hoping that things would change. He was deeply saddened when his staff were sacked without pay, as others had been, and he took his own dismissal very badly. However, no-one anticipated this. Please continue to pray for God’s work in Worcester.
Joy Jeynes

Tributes to Stephen and condolences to Joy and the rest of the family continue to pour in on Dave’s post, SPCK / SSG: Tragic news from Worcester.

Joy, may you know God’s strength and peace in the difficult times you now face.



13 responses to “Joy Jeynes: Please continue to pray for God’s work in Worcester

  1. Jenny Shorthouse (nee Cruttenden)

    Dear Joy – have been praying so much for you since I heard the news about Steve last night. I remember him from his days at the Ichthus bookshop when you were my Chemistry teacher at WGGS. It is 9 years this year since my Christian dad took his own life in Worcester, so I understand a little of what you must be going through. Will continue to hold you and your family in my prayers and heart xx

  2. Dear Joy
    You and your family are much in our thoughts and prayers – Steve was a very caring person and a joy to know – every time we met him he would great us with a cheery greeting and always ask after family. I feel honoured to have known him and very much look forward to meeting him again in heaven where there is no grief or tears. Praying God will supply all your needs. Much love Valerie.

  3. Still finding it difficult to believe Steve is not here anymore,Deepest sympathy to Steve`s
    family, from all ex Chester Staff.
    Hope as many as possible ex staff can make it to the memorial service, to show our support.

    Ian Vollands

  4. I have memories of Steve going back over 30 years first at SMC, then at Northwick Church, at Icthus when we came back to Worcester and latterly at SPCK. He was a truly gentle, compassionate, kindly and gracious man who was never too busy to spend time talking with you. He will be greatly missed down here but is now in the presence of his Lord and Saviour and one day we will see his smiling face once again.
    I pray God will bless you, comfort you and keep you Joy and all your family.
    Maggie (Smith as was)

  5. Steve Jeynes’ Thanksgiving Service has been moved from All Saints’ Church to the Cathedral at 3.30pm on Monday 7th July followed by refreshments at Worcestershire County Cricket Club.

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  8. Dear Joy, Katie, Rachel, Andrew & Emily
    Sending you our love and prayers, and thinking of you all. We are so sorry to hear the news about Steve.
    So many memories over so many years – from the days at St Stepehen’s through times at Northwick, and the Monday Youth Fellowship sooo many years ago, and chats (and carrier bags!!) at SMC, working at Ichthus, so many events over the years, and in recent more years catching up on our visits to Worcester.
    So very sorry that we are unable to be with you on Monday, but we will be thinking of you & praying for you, whilst remembering Steve, and thanking God for him.
    with love from Anne, Alan, Laura, Alice & Beth xx (Bradford Family)

  9. Let’s raise the roof at the cathedral, praising Jesus for a life well lived; just a moment of sadness at his parting; and then joyfully loking to the future when we can fellowship with Steve again in glory – where healing is fully present and God inspired visions are wonderfully completed.
    It was a pleasure knowing Steve for over twenty years…

    Mark Maddock

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  11. I went to Steve’s funeral last Mondday. It was an ordinary Monday,the begining of an ordinary week in the life of Worcester. No one would know it was any different to any other Monday. But people were coming, gathering into the cathedral to remember an ordinary man. Hundreds of people gathered, from all walks of life, young and old, infirm and even those who were mentally unwell but they came to honour an ordinary man. He wasn’t a celebrity or royalty or any one famous – he was ‘the man in the book shop’ who had served the people in Worcester for over 20 years.

    Steve Jeynes was an extra ordinary man. He touched lives with his gentle ways, persuasive voice and his incredibly memory. He always had time to talk, ask about you and your life, a word of encouragement, a smile, a shared cup of tea. He remembered all the details of so many lives – he had time for the young, the old, those who were unwell, those who felt unloved – he was always there in that tiny bookshop. Jesus was there.

    So many questions, unanswered, why oh why could this happen to a man so loved. It’s happen before many years ago, a life sacrificed to bring many into life.

    Don’t let this tragidy be in vain, as Steve united us last Monday in his death let him unite Worcester in his memory. Let us who come from all different churches and fellowships, old and young, come together to change Worcester and see answers to many prayers.

    Don’t let this gentle man’s life be forgotton. He was a shinning light in a dark city.

    If we walk away now and do nothing we do a great disservice to the life of Steve Jeynes.
    Let this be the begining, a laying down of all preducies and a uniting of all beleivers in this city and beyond.

    When I think of Steve, I see Jesus. He had the same common touch. He loved all and most of all he loved His God and it showed.

    Steve had a dream, to open a drop in cafe and bookshop where people could come and be loved and welcomed. He talked about it to many, he longed for St Helen’s to open her doors again and fulfil that dream. It could happen, if we cut through all the red tape issues that stop that dream coming true. Let us help to fulfil one man’s desire, to honour one man’s life, a man who loved Worcester and all its people.

    We need our leaders of all churches to come together, to work together and to begin to see what God will do when we are united.

    Sorry about some of the spellings…

  12. Jan Hill’s moving testimony to Steve struck a deep chord with my wife and me. I don’t know you, Jan, but I do agree with you that we must not let this tragedy be in vain. I worked at SPCK for some years, and my wife (Ginny) was a colleague of Steve’s until February this year when she was sacked. We shared his vision of a drop-in cafe and bookshop at St Helen’s, and worked together on his proposal. Your words are so true – “let’s cut through all the red tape that stop that dream coming true…. We need our leaders of all churches to come together, to work together, and to begin to see what God will do when we are united.”
    Ginny and I would be glad to hear from anyone who shares this vision.

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